Sweet Emotion $16
Sweetened honeydew green iced tea shaken with lemon infused Eristoff, Triple Sec, Strawberry Schnapps and orange and lemon juices. Served tall over ice with Creme de Mure and a maraschino cherry
Dolly Dagger $16
Take a sip from the jagged edge with a love so heavy it’s going to make you stagger. Rose infused Hendricks, Pomme Verte green apple, Agave syrup, cucumber and lemon martini style of course
Rehab $16
Make the time – even if your Daddy says you’re fine – for this very very fine mix of Passoa Passionfruit liqueur, Cointreau, vanilla infused Cazzadores and housemade allspice syrup. Shaken with fresh lemon and lime and served in a chilled martini glass
Peaches & Presidents $16
Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum, peach schnapps and cloudy apple juice built tall over ice and charged with soda
Tito’s Mule $16
Pressed lime, cinnamon & vanilla syrup, Licor 43 and Tito’s vodka served over ice and topped with Bundaberg ginger beer
Back in Black  $16
Your favourite Espresso Martini is back – Peak cold drip coffee, Vanille de Madagasca, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur and house infused coffee vodka – martini style of course
French Mistress $16
Chambord, Blueberry infused Eristoff and Triple Sec shaken and double strained with pineapple juice
Kashmir $16
Pomme Verte green apple liqueur, Bacardi Blanc and simple syrup shaken with pressed cucumber and lime. Served tall over ice with apple juice and lemonade
18th Century Geisha $16
Lychees, housemade ginger & kaffir lime syrup shaken with butterscotch schnapps, lychee liqueur and St Germaine elderflower with generous pour of cloudy apple juice and kaffir lime leaves to finish
Melancholy Baby $16
Every cloud has it’s silver lining, just add our American favourite Aviation gin, watermelon liqueur and lemon juice, shaken and double strained into a sugar rimmed martini glass
Kokomo $16
Come on pretty mama, take this tantalising mix of smashed ruby red grapefruit, mint and lime, Bacardi 8 Carribean aged rum and Cointreau. Topped with ginger beer and fresh mint sprigs
Good Vibrations $16
Malibu Coconut rum, NPU & fresh pine, orange and lemon juices shaken and served tall over ice


Tommy’s Margarita $16
Take the word from Tommy Bermajo himself and divulge into this immortal classic – Don Julio Blanco tequila, Crawleys Agave syrup and Cointreau shaken with muddled lemon and limes. Finished on the rocks with a sea salt rim
Mojito  $16
Your choice of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum or the traditional Barcadi Blanc – shaken with pressed limes and fresh mint. Add sugar to sweeten and serve long
Sours $16
Throw in whisky or amaretto, either way it’s up to you. This classic style combines the perfect balance of sugar and lemon with your favourite liquor (egg white optional)
Cosmo $16
Carrie says so. Lemon infused vodka, Cointreau and cranberry & lime juices shaken and double strained into a chilled martini glass
Dark ‘n’ Stormy vs. Cuba Libre $16
Havana Club Reserve 3YO Aged rum with either Bundaberg ginger beer or the classic cola and lime
Long Island Iced Tea $16
A flawless mix of the white liquors  – Prince Albert gin, Eristoff, Bacardi, Cazzadores Blanco tequila, Triple Sec and lemon juice. Shaken over ice and topped with cola
Sex on the Beach
Peach schnapps, lemon vodka, cranberry and orange juice shaken and served tall $16